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If you pay close attention to an ongoing theme on this site or others in the Infosec realm there is a common mentality that permeates that consists of being stubborn to a fault not being afraid to fail, and often taking a less conventional path to can I get this thing to do something it’s not either supposed to or designed to do.  Or as I rarely put things in less words:

“Run Towards the Hard Shit!”

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Never Again Volunteer Yourself…

As of August 2022, I’ve been working in Information Security for six years. Along the way, I’ve had some successes, some struggles, and some stuff in the middle. The title is definitely click-bait as I have been notoriously bad at following that guidance. In fact the volunteering I’ve done has largely attributed to my successes.

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Takin’ a CISSP

The dreaded CISSP. My opinion about this certification has varied over the years so I’ll stick to the meat for this. No spoilers here, and no promotion as I’m also not being paid to plug the certification or organization responsible for it. Read on for some time saving info, and a few stories.

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