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If you pay close attention to an ongoing theme on this site or others in the Infosec realm there is a common mentality that permeates that consists of being stubborn to a fault not being afraid to fail, and often taking a less conventional path to can I get this thing to do something it’s not either supposed to or designed to do.  Or as I rarely put things in less words:

“Run Towards the Hard Shit!”

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Navigating the Community (Part 3)

If you’ve stumbled on or were directed to this page, you may be one of the many people asking “How do I get a job working in Cyber or Information Security” or rather where do I find resources. I get this question often and not always from people locally so I put a few notes together. The answer to this question has also evolved as this is my regarding this topic. Check out part 1 and part 2, then come back here.

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The BirdFeeder

As I’ve been cutting my teeth in the PWK labs I’ve been working on doing things more efficiently, specifically to save time. I remember reading a chapter of POC|GTFO that specifically mentioned “building your own birdfeeder” that I particularly liked regarding building your own toolset. Some people ask, “why not just find your own tools”?

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