Binary Ninja Budo

I wanted to sharpen some skills on my journey  among them being my reverse engineering skills.  I started diving deeper into reverse engineering a couple years ago trying a few CTFs in the meantime. As I was stumbling a few colleagues mentioned Binary Ninja and I liked using it right away.

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Trying Harder – Part 1 – A Course of Action

Earlier this year I signed up for the Pentesting With Kali Linux course in an effort to improve my offensive skills and work toward my OSCP.  I will tell this story in three parts (initial preparation for the exam, preparation for the retake of the exam, and a retrospective once I pass (without spoilers).

Some things of course you will need to discover on your own; however I will discuss anything that is publicly available by Offensive Security.  At the time this article was initially published, I am currently in part two of this journey.

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