The TJBox

Also known as the Tijuana box, is an older laptop I bought awhile back that I’ve used for either testing some of the tools I’ve used, or bringing to some of the conferences I have attended in the past that is somewhat disposable.  The story behind the Tijuana box is pretty simple.  It all started with the Tijuana wallet, in reference to a spare wallet I would bring along with me to….get ready for the shock, Tijuana.

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You will probably hear this frequently but having a lab of some sort is crucial for learning and testing things safely, whether it involves information security, or just IT in general. I wouldn’t advise penetration testing, or any sort of testing against something on the internet that you didn’t get permission for.

Before you scoff at the idea of a lab, bear in mind the benefits significantly outweigh the cost.  The lab doesn’t necessarily have to be a full 42U rack, although if you have the resources, why not right?

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