The TJBox

Also known as the Tijuana box, is an older laptop I bought awhile back that I’ve used for either testing some of the tools I’ve used, or bringing to some of the conferences I have attended in the past that is somewhat disposable.  The story behind the Tijuana box is pretty simple.  It all started with the Tijuana wallet, in reference to a spare wallet I would bring along with me to….get ready for the shock, Tijuana.

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Year One – Lessons Learned

<disclaimer> The story I’m sharing is but one of many.  None of us got here the same way.  Some of us had common stumbling blocks and successes.  All of us had to put in work.  This likely applies to many disciplines.</disclaimer>

As of the time this article was posted I have worked in Information Security professionally for a little over a year.  It has been quite the fun and challenging ride with its fair share of ups and downs, but much like those ups and downs in weightlifting a little bit of pain resulted in some degree of gains.

In other posts I talked about I talked about how I got started, interests, and what led me towards pursuing a career in Information Security.  The odds are if you are the audience I am trying to reach, you are currently where I was within the last three to five years, or you are on your own “year one”.  The difference between this and many other “getting your foot in the door” stories is what happens afterward and some of my experiences.

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