Hacking: Art of Exploitation Part I (0x100-0x200)


After an introduction to the history of hacking, the book starts off with the first chapter talking about control structures, followed by some examples of pseudo-code.  If you are not already familiar with control structures, it would be wise to do further reading.  This is one of the most fundamental concepts of programming.


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Art of Exploitation: A Hands-On Journey

From my experience, this book is not for the faint of heart and while it does teach a lot, it does not hold your hand.  I (so far) have noticed it spends a brief amount of time on stuff I understood, and immediately jumps into the “hard stuff”.

I would describe this book as a good separator for the people that say “I can kinda read code but not really understand code” to learning how code works and understanding things like buffer overflows or references to assembly in jokes. Yeah my friends are cool like that!

After finishing the first chapter a friend suggested creating an article thinking it would be useful and I was like, “yeah that’s a good idea, and for those that have already read it, it will be a good refresher.

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