I wanted to sharpen some skills on my journey  among them being my reverse engineering skills.  I started diving deeper into reverse engineering a couple years ago trying a few CTFs in the meantime. As I was stumbling a few colleagues mentioned Binary Ninja and I liked using it right away.

Remember when I mentioned how useful YouTube can be?  Well it has been very useful for me for learning reverse engineering and exploit dev in general.  but a few colleagues mentioned there weren’t many if any videos on Binary Ninja.  With the cost of Binary Ninja’s personal license going up (at the time) the maturity of the program, and comparison to some of the more expensive counterparts I figured what better of an incentive to learn more about the product, build up my skills with inspecting binaries and ultimately contributing back to the community.

While my upload time will be scarce early on in the year as I’m  dedicating most of my spare time studying OSCP I will have a more consistent schedule after finishing the exam (likely late spring).

With a martial arts theme in mind I’m structuring the videos with this general idea in mind on level of difficulty starting with the bare bones basics with the use of Binja.

  • White Belt – You’ve never used Binja and are just starting RE/Exploit Dev.
  • Blue Belt – You understand the basics of Binja and have opened a binary.
  • Purple Belt – You use Binja occasionally but use other RE tools more often.
  • Brown Belt – You use Binja more often than other RE tools.
  • Black Belt – You know Binja inside and out and are a proficient reverser.

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