If you pay close attention to an ongoing theme on this site or others in the Infosec realm there is a common mentality that permeates that consists of being stubborn to a fault not being afraid to fail, and often taking a less conventional path to can I get this thing to do something it’s not either supposed to or designed to do.  Or as I rarely put things in less words:

“Run Towards the Hard Shit!”

I started this blog with the intention of not only documenting some of my endeavors in my career working in Information Technology, or my ongoing fun research in Information Security but to tell some compelling stories along the way that either help you become smarter, wiser, or at the very least get a good laugh at my expense.  At the minimum I’m using this blog for quickly recalling stuff I may work on basically an answer to “what did I do to fix that one thing that one time”?  Don’t worry $organization, I wont be providing free advertising for you by disclosing anything.  These stories will be redacted and will speak from a more general context.

I have had a long time interest in many things security related from the history going back to Captain Crunch and phone phreaking to the future and impacts on society we have not even imagined yet…or even the stuff of fiction like movies like Wargames and Sneakers all while not admitting how entertaining Hackers was.  I’d mention the Matrix, but then I start to feel a lot older but at least it had a good guest star.